Basic Science & Humanities

The department comprises of very good experience faculties. The details of the faculties in cader given below:

Mr. Kishan Kumar
M.Sc Math
Associate Professor
Teaching Interests : Differential Equation
Teaching Experience : 16 year(s)
Mr. S.K.Panda
M.Tech Comp Sc
Associate Professor
Teaching Interests : JAVA, SE,COA, DAA, DS, C++
Teaching Experience :10 year(s)
Mr. Srinibas Nanda
M.Tech Comp Sc
Assistant Professor.
Teaching Interests : OOPS,DBMS,JAVA,OS
Teaching Experience :09 year(s)
Mr. B.V.Ravi Kumar
Associate Professor.
Teaching Interests : POM, ED
Teaching Experience : 17 year(s)
Mr. Subhasish Swain
M.Tech Comp Sc
Assistant Professor.
Teaching Interests :OOPS, C,DS,OS
Teaching Experience : 03 year(s)
Mrs. Jayalaxmi Subudhi
Assistant Professor
Teaching Interests : Organisational Behaviour, POM
Teaching Experience : 02 year(s)
Mr. K.Srinivash Kumar
M.A English
Associate Professor
Teaching Interests : Training in Soft Skills
Teaching Experience : 10 year(s)
Mr. G.Trinadha Rao
M.Tech Comp Sc
Assistant Professor.
Teaching Interests : IWT, CNS
Teaching Experience : 06 year(s)
  Mrs. Kuni Palo
MA Economics
Assistant Professor.
Teaching Interests : EEC
Teaching Experience :08 year(s)
  Mr. V.Sudip Kumar
Assistant Professor.
Teaching Interests : Marketing Management
Teaching Experience : 01 year(s)
  Mr. Manas Raanjan Nayak
DIPLOMA(CSE), CCNA, Hardware& Networking, BA
System Admin
Experience : 08 years


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