RITAM as an organization has always thought ahead of the present and in the process has provided its student from the very 1st semester an opportunity to interact with professionals from the corporate sector in holding seminars on issues which are going to be meaningful and useful by the time the students are ready to complete their course. Seminars are an integral part of RITAM’s extra curriculum, because it believes that the students must be prepared for change, thus interacting with senior and experienced corporate managers while they are just beginning their careers, will give them an edge over their counter parts.

Thus by giving them an opportunity to develop their communication skills, etiquette, grooming, ethics of team work, understanding body language all essential for a professional executive, will help them to a large extent to be absorbed in the corporate world, because today the corporate world is looking for a complete package and RITAM’s endeavor is to meet this requirement with all the resources at its disposal.


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